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Mount Baker, WA Couples Session at Artist Point

Have you ever experienced fall in the Pacific Northwest?? One of the most beautiful places to end the Summer season is to visit Artist Point. In October, its still warm, the 2 mile road up to Artist Point from the Mount Baker Ski Lodge is still open, and it is full of orange and red foliage, with breathtaking views!

A + C first reached out to book an extended family session, but then inquired about doing an adventure session up at Mount Baker. They frequent Mount Baker in the winter for activities so it was a perfect spot to meet up and do their session!

To start your planning for the trip up to Baker, consider the following:

  • Check road conditions and road closures for any time of year that you head up to the mountain. I've run into a few things. A lot of times there is road maintenance on Mount Baker Highway that cause a traffic delay, sometimes in the wildfire season, the smoke is just too thick to be up there for visibility and the road up to Artist Point which is about 2 miles up from the ski lodge, is only open mid summer through the end of fall, which is the first snow fall. I've shot up there at the end of October for fall foliage and been up two weeks later and its been under feet of snow, the conditions can change drastically.

  • The road up to Mount Baker are switchbacks that start at the base of the mountain, so if you get car sick at all, I would take some Dramamine lol.

  • Heathers Meadows at the Mount Baker Ski Lodge is the last place you will have cell service. I recommend sending texts right before you head up the last 2 miles of road towards Artist Point trail head, because the second you head up, you'll lose service. I usually text my couples/families that I am leaving Bellingham and then let them know when I am on the mountain before I lose service.

  • Once at the end of the road, the Artist Point trail head has a few different trail routes. It has a very large parking lot, with lots of space. It is extremely accessible with very well maintained trails. The views from the parking lots even are impeccable. There are bathrooms too!!

  • I have my couples and families meet me in the parking lot, and let them know which car I drive so we can find each other.

  • For families shoots, I always start right away, as soon as we hit the trail. Kids have a time limit and we maximize on that to get the best photos possible, in the quickest amount of time. For couples, we have a bit more time to roam around and climb up rocks for some more pretty views!

  • Remember to always bring an extra change of clothes, snacks, wipes and diapers (if that applies lol) and blankets for the car. You just want to be prepared on the mountain!

I love meeting with couples and families and immediately hitting it off. Editing A+C's images made me smile the entire time. Their energy was just so magnetic. We romped through the hills and rocks with their sweet dogs. Also if you are on the fence about wondering if you should bring your dogs to your photo sessions, always bring your pets! Always!!! They photo bomb and make everything literally so fun, even if they are wild!

Just look at these photos!! I cant even handle how beautiful this October day was!

Artist Point is also one of the busiest trails... get yourself a photographer that knows how to photoshop people out lollll

After we did all the adventuring we could up at Artist Point we headed down the mountain a bit to the Heather Meadows visitors center. But just as we hit the parking lot we stopped dead in our tracks, because the MOON came out!!!

Down at the Heather Meadows Visitors center we parked and walked to the center and took in the beautiful mountain views and headed down the trail to the lakes and then back up. The sun had set and we were in blue hour. It was a stunning night. Enjoy some highlights from their beautiful gallery!

I am proud to announce that I am holding 2023 Artist Point Minis on September 24, 2023 SUNDAY!

These are 20 minute sessions, 20 of the best images, and a perfect way to commemorate the end of Summer with a beautiful photo shoot!

xoxo, DW


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