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Berger Surprise Engagement Story...

Angie, if you are reading this... I started this blog post in June. Now we are in September, the day before the two of you are to wed.  I wanted to take you back in time and remind you of all the love you and Adam have shared... along with our friendship along the way.

<3 But first, lets start with your surprise engagement story.


Back in February 2017, after all mine, yours and Adam's shared birthdays, I get a text from Adam telling me that he wants to tell me something, but I have to promise to not say a word, and betray my best friend for two months so we could plan the most elaborate surprise engagement for her!

As you can tell from the text, he swore me to secrecy... and if you know Angie and I personally... than you know, we share EVERY DETAIL OF OUR LIVES WITH EACH OTHER.  The good, the bad, the ugly, we share it all. I would say this started intensely once she moved out of our house in Bellingham to San Diego in 2015, to be with Adam. We went from living together, to sharing all the details of everyday life... to being far away from each other, we talked non stop to cushion the blow of her leaving. Facebook messenger is our method of communication, FAST and easy picture sharing and video chats!

The plan goes as follows. Derek, our other best friend was going to be in Hawaii for a race. Adam and Angie thought it would be so fun to go on vacation at the same time so they could all hangout. I was not allowed to go, because I do not do well on planes. The last time Angie and I were on a plane together.... is another story... and leads us both to have PTSD, so she pretty much counted me out.

Little did she know, after our above text, Adam worked around my work schedule, bought me a ticket and I booked my hotel (a few blocks away from theirs). We had our foundation set to get to planning, all the while... all three of us keeping the biggest secret from her.

I started doing the girl thing... where you screenshot and send him all the rings that you know she likes and wants that are plastered all over her Pinterest page, planning all the different ways he could propose without us getting caught, thinking of all the small details to make it all happen. It was awesome.

I got almost daily texts about hikes they were planning on going on and the fun things they would be doing together from Angie. I had a little fun along the way. I trolled her pretty hard and gave her lots of advice on where to go and what to do, since I was planning for me to be doing all these activites with them... only she didn't know that.

I even came down two weekends before she was to leave, to get her nails done and to hangout. We went to dinner, Adam joined... I don't think he trusted me alone with her and my knowledge... 

The day arrives, they leave from Seatac airport and I leave from Bellingham airport to Seatac and then to Hawaii. My flight was literally 2 hours behind theirs. We chat every morning, so I let her know I was going to be on-site at a property for work and couldn't talk much... so she wasn't suspicious as to WHY I WAS NOT RESPONDING, because yes... we respond this way when we have ignored each other for more than 4 hours.

Below is a picture of where her gate was and where I was waiting, sometimes hiding in the bathroom so I didn't run into her.

I arrive and Derek meets me at the airport. We hustle to the hotel and get ready to meet Adam and Angie somewhere downtown....  Adam had been scoping out a place to propose as Angie and him walked around. Derek called him to make sure Angie could not hear him and found out where they were walking. All the while.... Angie and I are chatting like we normally do. At this point we are walking... and she sends me this picture of a huge H&M store.... little did she know.... we were just a few steps behind her!

We make our way down to the beach where Adam says they have settled. Angie sends me a photo of them taking a selfie.... meanwhile we are on the beach watching them with my long lens, waiting for the special moment to happen.

Us watching...

Their selfie....

We start frantically texting Adam and say that we are in place, we can see him and we are ready to go!!

He lets her know he is ready to eat lunch and they start making their way back down the boardwalk.

He turns around and speaks a few special words to her and then gets down on one knee... 

He then lets Angie know that Derek has been down on the beach this whole time, with a professional photographer he had hired to capture the moment. As she starts looking down at the beach to look for Derek and where they are hidden... we start running towards her.... which is when she realizes WE WERE ALL THERE!!!


Now a few shots from way back when.... 


2011... When I did your photo-shoot:


Us during my wedding/planning... :


 And all the years in between... we have a TON of photos....:


I love you guys, and am so happy to be apart of your special day tomorrow!!!  We hope you have the most amazing wedding day Mr. and Mrs. Berger!!


<3 Dani

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