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The BEST PNW Waterfalls!

We took a road trip down to Portland for a fun weekend away. It was fun, minus the traffic... but we cant complain, it was a pretty great weekend!

We started off with going down for a friends wedding, which was beautiful. The next day we drove along the Historic Columbia River Highway to the next few waterfalls, ending in Washington at Snoqualmie waterfall!

First stop.... Latourell Falls.


Next stop, Bridal Veils Falls...


The famous Multnomah Falls!!

If you're planning on doing the hike to the top of the falls... 11 switchbacks.... make sure you bring water, we didnt... :)


Horsetail Falls!


And the last waterfall on the list, Snoqualmie Falls in Washington on our way back up! It was beautiful!


<3 Dani

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